Give your taste buds a rollercoaster ride!

Are you tired of the same old catering buffets with tough meat and overcooked potatoes? Do you want to challenge yourself and your guests with a rollercoaster ride for your taste buds?

Lamfuz is here for you!

We are passionate about cooking food inspired by the explosion of taste the Nepali cuisine has to offer. We offer pop-up events and catering for you who crave exotic food and want new flavours – while staying healthy!

Our Menus

Loafers special

Wanna munch on all the veggies the season has to offer? Our Loafer’s special menu is for the true…..

Fishy loafers

You don’t have to drink like a fish to try out this menu, but we’re not here to judge. This menu offers…

Flexi loafers

Meat is a type of seasoning, amirite? This menu is for the veggie lover who likes a little chicken or lamb to…

Our Team

Behind Lamfuz stands Krishna Adhikari and Badal Maharjan.We both spent
each of our childhoods fooling around in the Nepali rice paddies..


What our Customers say...

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