About Us

Lamfuz is here to introduce you to the fireworks of taste our native Nepali kitchen has to offer. We host pop-up events and offers catering services where we invite you into our loafer universe of tasty and healthy relaxation! 

Cumin, turmeric, chili, coriander, garlic, and ginger bring food to life and give your taste buds a rollercoaster ride – and it’s healthy too. Lamfuz is for you who crave exotic food and new flavours with vegetarian and vegan options. And don’t worry, if you’re a dedicated carnivore – we also have menus with lamb, chicken, and fish of the season. 

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Responsible loafers 

We may be loafers but we’re not irresponsible, and we want to do our part in saving the world. What does this mean? 

Local and in season: Our food is inspired by the Nepali kitchen, but hey, we’re in Denmark, so why not use the lovely local produce of the season instead of flying exotic vegetables halfway round the world? 

Organic: We want to avoid toxins and buy as much organic as we can get our hands on. We are working on becoming certified organic in the near future. 

Minimal waste: Have you ever thrown away carrot peels or broccoli stems? Don’t! Use them for stock, in a gravy, or simply fry them. Or, even better, let us do it for you! 

Sustainable production: We live and work in Copenhagen, so of course we use a Christiania bike to transport the food around town. When we get a car, it will be electric. And we ask you nicely to wash and return our packaging so we can use it again next time. 

Our name – the loafers kitchen

As a child in Nepal, Krishna was called lamfu by his grandfather  meaning loafer or slacker. We took this laid-back attitude and turned it into our philosophy; we want to bring a casual atmosphere into cooking – our food is for relaxing and having a great time!

The Team

new team photo2

Behind Lamfuz stands Krishna Adhikari and Badal Maharjan. 

We both spent each of our childhoods fooling around in the Nepali rice paddies – in between getting a taste of the food, herbs, and spices native to our country. It stuck with us and we haven’t forgotten it since. 

Fast forward to Denmark: During nine years of honing our cooking skills in Danish cafés and restaurants, we found a shared passion for Nepali food and it’s bold flavours. We began hanging out together with beer and endless nights of talking – and one drunken night we thought: Hey, let’s cook something up together! 

This became what is now Lamfuz. Supplemented with a master’s degree in management, business, and entrepreneurship, we are now able to bring our childhood’s Nepali food culture to Danish kitchens and tables.