Our Menus

Let us spice up your life!

Choose between our three menus where we do our best to use local and organic ingredients in season. Contact us for details about the menu at this time of year and let us know if you or your guests have any allergies.

Each menu offers a range of starters to choose between, a buffet of main courses and a fresh and fruity dessert.

Lamfuz special

Wanna munch on all the veggies the season has to offer? Our Loafer’s special menu is for the true…..

Flexi loafers

Meat is a type of seasoning, amirite? This menu is for the veggie lover who likes a little chicken or lamb to…

Fishy loafers

This menu offer locally available fish like rødspætter, torsk as well as Salmon. This menu is mostly for the…